Mailing Address

1833 West State Road
Ashby, MA 01431 USA

Customer and Pre-Sales Support

For pre-sales help, or to check on the status of an existing order:    info@halfmoon-switch.com

Ship-To Address

We use PayPal to provide our shopping cart, and to send electronic invoices for special and international orders.  Note:  a PayPal account is not required to make a purchase from Ashby Solutions through this system.

Please be aware that PayPal sends your on-file shipping address with every payment, whether the payment was requested by us), or sent directly by the customer.  The problem is, that address may not be current.  Customers who already have a PayPal account, but rarely use PayPal for purchases, may not be aware that they have an old shipping address on file.  Unless told otherwise, your order will ship to the address on file with PayPal.

Your Email Address

The same is true of email adresses.  PayPal allows multiple email addresses tied to one account.  Many customers joined PayPal with one address (ex: their college email), but now use a home or business email to place orders.  We have no way of knowing this.  Please take a moment to review the on-file email address, because that's the one we're going to use to notify you when we ship your gear, unless you tell us otherwise.

Website Support

For questions about the Halfmoon-Switch.com website, please contact:    webmaster@halfmoon-switch.com


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