The mini-Vent on the left has been up has upgraded to the Mini-Remote option, and has remote capabilities that its siblings are missing. The Mini-Remote allows connection to remote foot- and hand-switches:

  • Halfmoon Switches (mini-Vent for Organ only)
  • Neo Remote and Ashby Solutions footswitches
  • Trek II VIB-3™ organ interface
  • 8- and 11-pin interfaces
  • sustain pedals
  • FS-5U, FS-5L, FS-6, SWITCH3
  • and more!

Three special functions not supported by the standard mini-Vent series:

  • Single Switch Mode -- Tremolo-Chorale and Bypass from a single footswitch!
  • Single 122 Mode -- Tremolo-Chorale (2-speed) or Tremolo-Stop (1-speed) operation from a single footswitch (mini-Vent for Organ only).
  • Uber 122 Mode -- use a 3-way halfmoon as a 'virtual 2-way' that can change between Tremolo-Chorale and Tremolo-Stop modes in seconds (mini-Vent for Organ only).

Want to rack-mount your mini-Vent?  The Mini-Remote can help.  Want to control it with a Halfmoon Switch, a sustain pedal, or other switches you already have in your rig? The Mini-Remote makes it easy!  There are many available foot- and hand-switch controls that can be used with the Mini-Remote.  See if yours is listed below; contact us if it's not.

      Mini-Remote User's Manual 2.0           Mini-Remote Cross-Reference

The Mini-Remote replaces the Bypass switch on the mini-Vent with a 1/4" phone jack that allows connection to all kinds of peripherals.  It has six settings made for Halfmoon Switches; and five more to connect to 1-, 2-, and 3-position foot pedals.  Shrink your pedalboard footprint, or improve your control over the rotary sound!

  • Requires no additional batteries or external power sources.
  • No extra holes drilled in the case.
  • Auto-senses normally-open and normally-closed foot pedals.
  • Special programming mode to set Preset A and Preset B.
  • Re-use controls that you already have.

We can add the Mini-Remote to any 'Gen 1' mini-Vent or mini-Vent for Organ.


The mini-Vent and mini-Vent for Organ were replaced by the mini-Vent II in mid-2016.  Unfortunately, the Mini-Remote will not work with the mini-Vent II.  We have no plans to offer a remote module for the mini-Vent II.  If you own the original (2013-2016) mini-Vent or mini-Vent for Organ, the Mini-Remote can still be added to it.

UPDATE - 10-Oct-2020:  We are down to four (4) of these modules.  We will continue to upgrade mini-Vents with the Mini-Remote option until supplies run out, or the end of 2020, whichever comes first.  If you have been considering adding remote features to your mini-Vent, contact us today!

** By the way, we know that the third mini-Vent is the guitar version, so technically, all of the mini-Vents are different.  Don't be such a know-it-all!

S P A R E   P O W E R   S U P P L Y

Need an extra power supply for your Ventilator?  Bought a used Vent that didn't come with the supply?  This rugged replacement switching supply is lightweight, and fits nicely in your gear bag or in the back of a rack to give the flexibility to take your Ventilator to all your gigs and recording projects, without having to unplug and coil wires.  Or maybe you just need a spare power cord to replace the one that your drummer hit with a falling cymbal?  We sell those, too.

These supplies work with all Ventilator models:  the Ventilator, a.k.a. the 'Vent I'; the mini-VENT (organ and guitar models); the Ventilator II; and the mini-VENT II.

Note:  This power supply is not the same one that ships with the Ventilator.  However, it's of high quality, well oversized for the job, and will not cause hum or damage the Ventilator in any way.  It will also power other devices that need 1.2A or less 12V power, using a center-positive barrel plug (ex:  GSi Burn).


  Ventilator Power Supply + 5-ft power cord    $23  $19  ONLY 14 LEFT!

Add a 2nd power cord for $1.00 (while supplies last)!



R E M O T E   P E D A L S

       We are no longer making footswitch pedals for the Ventilator.
The demand for these pedals fell off several years ago, and the product line has been discontinued.

That said, we still strive to support owners of our products -- even the discontinued ones.  If you have an older pedal and the switches are starting to fail, or the label has worn off, or you lost the cable, etc. please contact Ashby Solutions for repairs.


If you want to make your own, here are the schematics:

760 Style   122 Style   Single   1-Speed (21H)

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